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Business Brand Photography

Business Brand Photography is simply photography that creates, develops, and maintains that unique brand that represents your business, products, and services.  We help you to create a cohesive identity that will build confidence with your clients and the general public.

Whether that is a slick and professional studio-look, or an outdoor natural lighting, or anything in between.

Duratrans Project

Here is a Duratrans Project that we did for a local brewery.  A Duratrans is one of those light boxes with the backlit advertising images like you see at hotels, restaurants, and especially at airports and bus stops.  This one was 2 feet by 3 feet.

5 x7 Table Top Flip Book

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An Annual Corporate Group Photo

Marketing Material

Personal Brand Photography

Simply put, we do a series of poses with the opportunity for outfit changes, indoors with our portable studio lighting, or outdoors with natural lighting and fill light. We help you to express the image, attitude, and versatility that you want to use to build your own personal brand.  Much better value than simply a headshot. You get many images to use for your brand building.




Senior Portraits


Get your Senior Portrait Package with us and we will even include a free file download of a PERSONALIZED AD COPY ARTWORK to use after you purchase an advertisement in their school’s yearbook.

Pet Portraits

Holiday Portraits

Travel / Nature


The top panorama photo was being taken when that photo of Tom von Strong was being taken by the lake in the Kern River Valley, in Kern County California.

This one is the view of Lake Elsinore as you take the Ortega Highway in Southern California.

This one is beautiful Mexico Platz, in Berlin, Germany.

The Danube River as it flows through Budapest, Hungary.

This one is where the Berlin Wall used to stand in the neighborhood of Duppel, Berlin, Germany. That road where the vehicle is used to about where the observation platform was to look over into no man’s land.  The wall ran perpendicular to the car.

A street in the Zehlendorf district of Berlin, Germany.

A view from the bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.




Postcards & Posters


We can arrange to take photographs and create a classic vintage styled tourism postcard and or travel posters. A great idea for your local Chamber of Commerce.

Night Photography

Sports / Activities