Our Story

Tom von Strong is the creative force behind Tom von Strong Photography. Photography and computers have always been his passion. Taking photographs from the age of 7 in with a Polaroid One Step, then a Kodak 110 at age 11, traveling to the Soviet Union shooting Kodachrome with a Ricoh 35mm at the age of 15. Moving up to an Olympus OM-G and working his press pass for his high school newspaper at age 16.  Mastering B&W darkroom skills.  His personal favorite film camera being his Nikon F3 which he still uses for special occasions.  Now, he usually shoots digital with his 2 Canon cameras and lenses.

If he wasn’t seen with a camera in his hand, then he usually had a video camera.  He went to his prom with a camcorder. He was the editor for his high school video yearbook.  Shooting basketball games, football games, and even the CIF baseball playoffs from the Dodger Stadium Press Box.  Shooting his first wedding with a hi-8 camcorder on a Steady Cam Jr in his teens.  He was so good that he was even hired on by his school district as Student Help during his senior year to help create in-service videos, and video productions for the school board.

He started out editing A-B roll VHS by getting certified for public access from a local cable company.  Then honing his skills and being utilized by his school’s drama department.  So many hours of warped time spent in the projection booth where the editing system and effects switcher were.  Helping the drama department out with their big fundraiser of the year, the production and sale of the Graduation Videos.

He first got his hands on a computer in 1982, it was an Apple II. He bought his first computer with a summer hire job in 1984, a Commodore 64.  He was awarded Outstanding Computer Student of the Year in 8th grade.  He became a teacher’s assistant for the computer lab.  He acquired his first PC in the early 80s, a 386 PC clone DOS box.  With the evolution of computers and the creation of nonlinear editing systems, he really hit his stride.